Karoo Park Retirement Village Oudtshoorn

The retirement village is located in West Bank, Oudtshoorn, and consists of 70 single (full) title homes which are sold plot and plan, situated on 2,6ha land with a 20 bed Frail care centre.

The first stage of the Frail Care has been completed and is fully operational. An application is presently pending for the registration of the centre as a non–acute private health establishment. The Provincial and private (Medi–Clinic) hospitals are within close proximity (+/-2km) from Karoo Park.

Karoo Park - Oudtshoorn retirement village

Karoo Park is situated in a safe suburb, fenced off with palisade and electrical fencing with controlled access through electrical gates. We can accommodate special designs to the owner’s requirements, at additional cost.  These special plans however have to adhere to the prescribed building guidelines and approved by the developer.

We are a pet friendly village, so pets are welcome. The Homes are single (full) title deed, so you get full ownership and title. You can purchase now for an investment and rent it out for your future own use. It is wise to buy now while the prices are still low.

Please note that the Frail Care (first phase- 5 beds) has been completed, home care is also available. Meals are available from the frail care kitchen and are delivered at the homes.

By eliminating all the unnecessary “frills” like library, Entertainment halls, pools etc we are managing to provide a top class Village at very reasonable prices. The well known and successful Bergville Retirement Village in George was also developed by the developer of Karoo Park. This development is now sold out. Membership of the Homeowners association is compulsory and levies are payable. Click here to view the latest levy information.

Home types

There are 6 standard house types available. Prices include the price of the stand and house, standard plan fees, attorney, transfer fees and duties.

With one bathroom and a carport (69 m²).
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With one bathroom and a carport (72 m²).
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With one bathroom and a carport (80 m²).
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With one bathroom and including a garage (90 m²).
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With one bathroom and including a garage (100 m²).
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With two bathrooms and including a garage (130 m²).
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